Territory. Rediscovered furnishings and home goods.

Most days you’ll find me tinkering in the backyard studio of my Spanish colonial home in Los Angles, or pounding the pavement at some odd flea or other, hunting for new treasures. I have a passion for working with my hands, arranging things, and creating beautiful spaces. And I love collecting things with timeless style, sturdy construction, and colorful histories. That’s why several years ago, after 20+ years in the corporate world, I decided to switch careers and try my hands at preservation, restoration, and re-upholstery—one beat-up, mid-century footstool at a time. I really dig upcycling old upholstered pieces by putting globally-sourced and hand-dyed fabrics on them.

What else do I love? My family. My dog. Music. Gardening. Camp fires. Food. Road trips. Interior design. And television programs involving sword play. I also do freelance prop shopping and photo styling.

Yes, I’m “Type-A.” It’s something I’m working on. Part of creating beauty is enjoying it and I endeavor to relax more in life. With a 3-year-old this is presently very challenging, but since most times I find myself in awe of everything new thing she does, I find balance somehow.

Originally called Territory Hard Goods, the business started out in Philadelphia as a team of four. The other three still weigh in from time to time, but now I run the show. I recently migrated west with my family and put down roots in southern California where we try to spend as much time in nature as we can. My design aesthetic reflects that: I like to bring the outdoors inside, create spaces that feel lived in, not precious, and I believe a great room not only brings people together, but also tells a good story.

And that’s what I ultimately hope to help others do: Tell theirs.

If you’re interested in a custom piece or looking for something in particular, please reach out!